About “Project Paranoia”

Hi, we are Matthias and Oliver from “Project Paranoia”. That is the working title of our current project: A Point & Click adventure in classical “LucasArts” / “Thimbleweed-Park” style. Currently, we’re looking for people who want to collaborate and supply graphics (pixelart).

The story so far: ¶

Alice Baker, the protagonist, just finished her training as profiler and agent, but her first day at the agency didn’t go nearly as expected: Her new boss questions her abilities and would love nothing more than to get rid of her as soon as possible. Or is there something else going on that can explain his strange behavior? Before Alice can get to the bottom of that, things are going haywire: Alice and her boss are assigned to investigate an obscure suicide of a publicly renown, though very eccentric scientist. But the longer the two involuntary partners continue their investigation, the more mysterious this whole case becomes: There is a second dead scientist. Was his death really an accident? Is there a connection? Did the two know each other? What project did they work on? What is really going on here? The player will find the answers to these and many more questions over the course of the game and can change its outcome by Alice’s decisions and actions.

Point & Click adventures have moved from mainstream in the early to mid-1990s to niche since the early 2000s. There a several reasons for that, but our point is: Adventure games focus on story-telling and atmosphere and allow for a very intense experience. The great classic titles of the 1990s and recent newer games like “Thimbleweed Park” or the WadjetEye games prove that even nowadays, classic Point & Clicks are still a great way of telling interesting and sometimes very complex stories. And this is exactly what we intend to do with “Project Paranoia”.

There is no playable demo for the public right now, but you can find a short video on the homepage to get an impression. Of course, nothing in this demo is finalized, but you can already get an idea of the overall intended style of the game.